Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Living BEYOND: Less than two days til LBBC's Yoga on the Steps!

Well, it's not really on steps.  Living Beyond Breast Cancer's signature event started in my hometown, the City of Brotherly Love, on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum.  I spent many Saturdays there as a child, taking art classes and wandering around the museum and the grounds with my then BFF BP.  What a beautiful museum.  I'm still not sure exactly how they do the yoga on the steps . .  . but we don't need to worry about that here. 

LBBC's third Yoga (not) on the Steps in DC is on Thursday evening, June 13, less than 48 hours from now!!  It will be on the northeast quadrant of the Washington Monument (you know, that big tall white obelisk on the Mall that is being touched up after that little bit of earthquake damage . . )

Important points:

1) I am participating and fundraising and am VERY VERY close to my fundraising goal of $3000!  I am very fortunate and grateful to have so many thoughtful and generous friends.  THANK YOU, thank you, thank you all!  As I write this, I have reached $2750 in just over a week . .  So, if you'd like to support me, and others living beyond breast cancer, and LBBC --a wonderful organization that provides education, resources and support for breast cancer patients . .  now is the time!  Here is the link!  Here and now!

2) LBBC has asked me to be a speaker on Thursday.  What, me, speak? In public, not just over cocktails or Starbucks? What will I say?  Oh, I'll think of something.  Those who not only have to read my blog because they're close family and friends also know that I can talk --about virtually anything (well, maybe not wrestling or the inner and outer loops) including movies, shopping, restaurants, AND cancer.  Yeah, I think that's the topic of the day.  Please join me! See & hear my three minutes of fame.  Bring your yoga mat . . or just watch. It's a really easy, lovely, uplifting event with beautiful music.  Just come please please, I'd love to see some familiar faces in the crowd.  And I promise I'll think of something to say.

3) So here are my thoughts on Living Beyond Breast Cancer: At first I thought beyond meant--move on; get it over with.  Had breast cancer; took care of it with surgery, chemo, radiation. Done. Paid my dues.  Celebrate once a year and move forward.  But, noooo . . . . my cancer didn't actually leave. I've got it 4ever.  I'm living WITH it.

Then, I realized--I have to live both WITH AND BEYOND breast cancer.  It is a part of me—a big part of me (after all, I write a friggin blog about it). But cancer is not all of me.  I am so much more: a mom, a wife, a sister, a friend, a lawyer, a colleague, a yogi, (and many other names I have likely been called.)  I have so many things to enjoy and be excited about every day.  My world includes cancer but it is bigger. And fuller. And richer.  And I will do my darn best to keep it that way--to really live, be alive, be present in all I do. And that, my friends, is my beyond.  And I think that's what I'll talk about on Thursday.  What do you think?

Best to all, and check out that link!



  1. DAng, SD!! You made me cry again! Your presence, awareness, openness about something that is scary to most is astounding. May we all learn from your courage, strength, brilliance and joy. And ya, like anyone that has ever met you be worried about you not having something to say!!! :)

  2. Thank you Kel! Clearly we know each other . . . May I politely ask who you are? (Are you KK from Mexico yoga retreat, that I miss soooo much?)